PCB assembly

We provide SMT,THT and final assembly with ICT and functinal product test.

   PCB Assembly

Suntek provides a one stop solution for all of your electronic manufacturing services requirements, ranging from fast turnaround prototyping to high volume manufacturing. We have the capability to identify design and/or production issues during the prototype stage and solve these (in consultation with you) before moving to production. 

While many PCB houses claim to offer superior PCB assembly services, Suntek actually delivers on what we promise. Our turnkey or consigned printed circuit board assembly service is ISO ISO9001:2015-certified and RoHS compliant. We handle SMD, through-hole and mixed assembly projects, and also offer free DFM checks along with function testing based on your specific requirements.Our PCBA capabilities are listed below:


PCB Spec. Requirements:

Max. board size: 500mm X 400mm

Board Type: Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCB, metal core PCBs

Surface finish: lead/lead-free HASL, immersion gold etc.


Assembly Types:

Surface mount


Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)


Component Sourcing:

Full turnkey (All components sourced by Suntek )

Partial turnkey



Component Types:

BGA 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing

Passive components

Hard metric connectors

Cable & Wire


Quality Inspection:

Visual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking