We are highly experienced in the design and manufacture of PCBs covering substrate materials such as FR4(High TG), Teflon, Rogers, Ceramic and Aluminum based.

Capabilities overview:

Layers:Rigid PCB 2 - 24 + Layers, Rigid-flex PCB 1 - 10Layers
Panel Size(max):21" x 24"
PCB Thickness:0.016" to 0.120"
Line & Spaces:0.003" / 0.003" Inner Layers; 0.004" Outer Layers
Hole Size:0.006" Thru Hole (Finished Size) and 0.004" Buried Via
Materials:FR4, High Tg, Rogers, Halogen-free material, Teflon, Polyimide
Surface Finishes:ENi/IAu, OSP, Lead-free HASL,Immersion Gold/Silver, Immersion Tin
Special Products:Blind/ Buried Via(HDI 2+N+2), Rigid Flex

Our products are widely used in communication products, power electronics, medical instruments, security electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense military and other high-tech fields.